Marianne is absolutely the complete package

Marianne is one of the most talented, accomplished, and versatile musicians I have ever had the pleasure to know. She regularly accompanies the top-flight professional chamber choir The Lakeside Singers. Not only does she possess incredible classical technique and sight-reading skills, I have heard her improvise jazz and accompany show tunes— she is absolutely the complete package. With her master’s degree in organ performance and her deep background in church music, Marianne would be a terrific asset to any church music ministry whether focused on traditional music, contemporary music, or both. Her warm and enthusiastic spirit encourages all, whether amateur or professional musicians.
Finally, her skills in arranging and composing music across a wide spectrum of styles are admirable indeed. She understands perfectly the difficulty level appropriate for any given situation, and finds a way to write music that will show the performers at their best, all with beauty and good taste.

Gary Fry

Marianne can be measured against the best of the best

As a professional musician for more than forty years, I have had the privilege of working with some of the finest musicians in the country. Already in her career, Marianne can be measured against the best of the best. She is a sensitive and accomplished accompanist equally at home with classical repertoire, gospel music and jazz. This is truly a remarkable and rare achievement by itself. In addition, she is a gifted arranger and composer, underlined by her recent publishing success. There is no question in my mind that as her career progresses she will achieve great acclaim for her work as a composer as well as an instrumentalist. I could not be more proud to be associated with her professionally and look forward to a long collaboration and to her ongoing success as a musician of the first rank.

Robert Bowker

The single most diverse pianist I’ve ever encountered

Marianne Kim is the single most diverse pianist I’ve ever encountered. Her range encompasses Oscar Peterson and Rachmaninoff, chord charts and 8 stave open score reading. She is deeply musical in every sense of the word: a brilliant accompanist in any style who can also take a solo with or without a chord chart. Her skill set also includes arranging, orchestrating and composing, and she is a joy to work with!

Paul Langford

A bright new talent on the Christian music scene

I first met Marianne Kim in December 2000 when she came to Kansas City for a consultation and piano lesson with me. I was impressed with her talent at the keyboard and her passion to learn. Since that time we’ve stayed in contact and I’ve watched her grow into an amazing composer, arranger, accompanist and studio musician. As a pianist, she plays all styles, and what she doesn’t know, she learns. There is a rich well of creativity within Marianne. She is a bright new talent on the Christian music scene and I expect her to make a great contribution to church music.

Mark Hayes

One of the most in-demand piano arrangers in the church music world

Marianne Kim is one of the most in-demand piano arrangers in the church music world, and once you’ve played through the arrangements on the following pages, you will understand why. In her career as a soloist, accompanist, and church musician, Marianne has mastered many styles of music, and knows how to write tastefully and authentically in traditional idioms as well as pop and jazz. In this collection of hymns, spirituals, and Gospel songs, you will be touched by the beauty of the melodies and harmonies, and have your heart lifted by the sheer joy of praising God at the keyboard. We’re pleased to present this new collection by Marianne Kim; we know it will become one of your personal favorites. – Foreword from “Jesus, Walk With Me” published by Lorenz Publishing

Larry Shackley

Gentle on the ear and enriching to the soul

With purity of purpose and thoughtful craftsmanship, Marianne finds the sacred in every chord. She treads softly with sensitive care, never losing the essence of the hymns, and the result is an elegant variety of pieces well-suited for sanctuary usage. The smooth, fresh sounds of these selections are gentle on the ear and enriching to the soul.

Joseph M. Martin

Extraordinary and rare talents of the finest “Classical” Organist/Pianist and Consummate Jazz Keyboardist

Marianne Kim possesses the extraordinary and rare talents of the finest “Classical” Organist/Pianist and Consummate Jazz Keyboardist. Her Hymn Tune arrangements are always well-crafted and dignified whether conveying a sense of personal spirituality depth or clever playfulness. As a Concert Organist herself, she has a brilliant understanding of how to write for the King of Instruments.

Kenrick Mervine

Gifted church musician, with the right combination of classical training and improvisational fluidity

The Moody Church in Chicago is privileged to have been a laboratory for the first performances of many of Marianne’s recently published arrangements. She is a gifted church musician, with the right combination of classical training and improvisational fluidity. Her well-honed technique and tone carry through into her arrangements, making it easy for the performer to adapt to her stylings. Marianne’s chord selection is unique and sometimes surprising. Every piece is wonderful to hear and a joy to play, with a captivating idea and a worshipful focus. Churches that enjoy quality music will welcome any arrangement by Marianne Kim into their repertoire. It’s almost as good as having Marianne herself!

Tim Stafford