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Chicago-based composer, pianist, organist, and harpsichordist, Marianne Kim has been noted for her vibrant performances and compositions in a wide diversity of musical styles, such as classical, jazz, Broadway musical, R&B, gospel, traditional & contemporary church music, and more.

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Marianne Kim arranged and performed many piano and organ music and posted them on YouTube to share with you. Many of those have been published through Lorenz Music and Hope Publishing.

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Marianne is one of the most talented, accomplished, and versatile musicians I have ever had the pleasure to know. She regularly accompanies the top-flight professional chamber choir The Lakeside Singers. Not only does she possess incredible classical technique and sight-reading skills, I have heard her improvise jazz and accompany show tunes— she is absolutely the complete package.
Marianne can be measured against the best of the best. She is a sensitive and accomplished accompanist equally at home with classical repertoire, gospel music and jazz. This is truly a remarkable and rare achievement by itself. In addition, she is a gifted arranger and composer, underlined by her recent publishing success.
Marianne Kim possesses the extraordinary and rare talents of the finest “Classical” Organist/Pianist and Consummate Jazz Keyboardist. Her Hymn Tune arrangements are always well-crafted and dignified whether conveying a sense of personal spirituality depth or clever playfulness.