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Study with Marianne Kim for your private lesson on classical / jazz piano, music theory, composition, arranging or improvisation.

About Marianne Kim

A Chicago-based composer, pianist, organist, and harpsichordist, Marianne Kim has been noted for her vibrant performances and compositions in a wide diversity of musical styles, including classical, jazz, Broadway musical, R&B, gospel, alongside traditional & contemporary church music.
  As a soloist and collaborative artist, Marianne enjoys performing piano and organ recitals, chamber music and jazz. She has worked for the Lakeside Singers performing highly demanding dual roles of classical accompanist and rhythm section keyboardist, and has served as keyboardist at Willow Creek Community Church and the Moody Church.


Robert Bowker

Robert Bowker

Conductor | Singer | Composer

"Marianne can be measured against the best of the best. She is a sensitive and accomplished accompanist equally at home with classical repertoire, gospel music and jazz."

Larry Shackley

Larry Shackley

Composer / Editor / Pianist

"Marianne Kim is one of the most in-demand piano arrangers in the church music world, and once you’ve played through the arrangements on the following pages, you will understand why."

Mark Hayes

Mark Hayes

Composer | Pianist | Conductor

“Marianne's gospel and jazz styles are so very tasty, just the right notes and just the right amount of notes. It's rare that a pianist can play contemporary styles so true to form and still have great classical chops.”

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