Booking Marianne Kim

Invite Marianne to your church, school or other events for a concert, keyboard, music theory, composition seminar, master class or workshop.

Marianne provides piano and/or organ solo concerts in a wide diversity of musical styles and she collaborates with your resident musicians, keyboardists, vocalists and/or instrumentalists.

Concert for Piano and Organ

Marianne Kim performs piano and organ concerts for 30 ~ 70 minutes upon request. She performs mainly her own arrangements and compositions, which demonstrates the wide diversity of music styles such as classical, jazz, gospel, contemporary Christian music, Broadway musical, and other genres. Marianne’s musical styles are delicate and well-tempered in both classical and non-classical music. She shares brief stories of her music during the concert.

The concert can be combined with keyboard masterclass or workshop.

Seminars for Keyboardist – Piano & Organ

  • Reading chord chart
    This seminar guides church keyboardists to expand their musical capabilities to play both traditional and contemporary styles. It fits well for classically trained pianist and also contemporary worship team keyboardist. And it will cover basic theory, improvisations, modulations, voicing, chord substitution and creating the intro, interludes. The goal of this seminar is to embellish accompaniment skill on congregational singing, especially contemporary music.
    ** This seminar could be designed for any instrumentalist playing in the worship band and those who want to improvise from a chord chart.
  • Improvisation & Re-harmonization
    Instead of playing an arpeggio in the same chord for multiple verses, You will learn how to enhance hymn accompaniment skill using substitute harmonies and improvisation skills adding contemporary harmonies without losing the essence of the hymns. Modulations, voicing, chord substitution will be discussed.
  • Arranging and Composition
    A seminar for those who are interested in writing music. Basic knowledge of music theory and harmony would be beneficial to get the most out of this class.

Worship Band Workshop for Rhythm Section

Piano Master Class

Prepare to play sacred piano selections and receive coaching from Marianne Kim. She will provide how to express artistic solo playing, and work with vocalists/instrumentalists, and accompany congregational service music.  You could bring your own scores if you wish to perform or contact Marianne to discuss music selections.

Private Music Instruction

Study with Marianne Kim for a private lesson on classical, jazz piano, organ, composition, arrangement or keyboard improvisation skills. Learn how to improve your skills at the keyboard and play with a praise band.